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Our Firm has earned a distinguished reputation in the practice of admiralty and maritime law, oil and gas matters, and contract and insurance disputes – including property damage claims and personal injury defense involving catastrophic accidents on land, at sea, and offshore. In addition to litigation, we negotiate and prepare contracts, handle commercial and contract disputes, and counsel our clients regarding environmental laws, liabilities, international treaties and agreements. read more

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The Ebb and Flow of East River; Consideration of the Supreme Court's Decision On Products Liability in Shipbuilding Contracts, Tulane Maritime Law Journal, (Vol. 30 2006)

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Recent Developments

Only Medical Expenses Actually Paid Are Recoverable.

 The Fifth Circuit holds that an injured worker receiving benefits under the Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act (LHWCA) who sues a third party for injuries is entitled to recover only the medical expenses actually paid by the LHWCA carrier, not the amounts written off by medical providers. Deperrodil v. Bozovic Marine, Inc., 16-30009 (5th Cir. 2016). 


Our Attorneys

Thomas J. Wagner of Wagner Bagot Rayer New Orleans Law Firm

Thomas J. Wagner
CONCENTRATION: Maritime, Employment, Casualty Matters; Commercial and Marine Transactions; Personal Injury Defense; Commercial, Environmental and Energy Litigation, Appeals and Counseling.

Michael H. Bagot, Jr. of Wagner Bagot Rayer New Orleans Law Firm

Michael H. Bagot, Jr.
CONCENTRATION: Maritime and Casualty Litigation; Salvage; Environmental and Insurance Disputes; Personal Injury Defense; Maritime Contracts.

Thomas A. Rayer, Jr. of Wagner Bagot Rayer New Orleans Law Firm

Thomas A. Rayer, Jr.
CONCENTRATION: Admiralty Law; Maritime Personal Injury Law; Insurance Defense Law; Commercial Law; State and Federal Worker's Compensation Defense.

G. Bearuegard Gelpi of Wagner Bagot Rayer New Orleans Law Firm

G. Beauregard Gelpi
CONCENTRATION: Admiralty Law; Carriage of Goods by Sea; Jones Act; Marine Insurance Defense; Maritime Personal Injury; Insurance Defense Law; Personal Injury Law.

C. Gordon Starling, Jr. of Counsel to Wagner Bagot Rayer New Orleans Law Firm

C. Gordon Starling, Jr.
THE LAW OFFICE OF GORDON STARLING, LLC. OF COUNSEL TO WAGNER, BAGOT & RAYER CONCENTRATION: Maritime Property Damage; Maritime Contracts; Personal Injury Law; Products Liability Law; Environmental Law.